Honda Radio Unlock Code

  • Gathers VXM-135 VFNi (original number 08A40-5R0-400 (401), model CN-NVAMS9912, installed on the HONDA STEPWGN, FREED),
  • Gathers VXM-145 VFi (original number 08A40-5S0-420, model CQ-UH03J1CJ, installed on HONDA VEZEL),
  • Gathers VXM-145 VSi (original number 08A40-5S0-430, model CQ-UH03J2CJ, installed on HONDA FIT HYBRID, FIT SHUTTLE, NWGN),
  • Gathers VXM-145 C (original number 08A40-5S0-440, model CQ-XH03J0CJ, is installed on the HONDA FIT),
  • Gathers VXM-145 VFNi (original number 08A40-5S0-400 (401), model CQ-UH04J0CJ, installed on HONDA FIT, VEZEL),
  • Gathers VXM-155 VSi (original number 08A40-5T0-430, model CQ-UH04J4CJ, installed on HONDA FREED, VEZEL, NWGN),
  • Gathers VXM-165 VFi (original number 08A40-5U0-420, model CQ-UH05J2CJ, installed on the HONDA STEPWGN SPADA),
  • Gathers VXM-175 VFi (original number 08A40-5W0-420, model CN-SHY6J2CJ, installed on the HONDA FIT),
  • Gathers VXM-185 VFNi (original number 08A40-5X0-400, model CN-SHY7J0CJ, installed on the HONDA STEPWGN RP).
  • Gathers VXM 142, 154, 164, 174, 184, 194 etc all included as well

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