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How to Retrieve Honda Car Radio Security Codes

How to Retrieve Honda Car Radio Security Codes

Honda makes it a little more straight-forward to retrieve car radio security codes than other automobile manufacturers. Note, these steps work for stock stereos that were installed in Honda automobiles at the time of sale and for models installed after purchase at an authorized dealer.
Step 1 – Collect the following information which will be required to retrieve the car radio security code from Honda: automobile VIN number, radio serial number, and the phone number and ZIP code that match the information stored on file with Honda.
Step 2 – Open your computer’s web browser and navigate to the Honda security code website during the hours of 0400 to 9PM (PST) Monday through Friday, 0400 to 6:30 PM (PST) on Saturdays, and 0400 to 9PM on Sundays.
Step 3– Enter the required information on the security code website (VIN, Zip code, phone number, radio serial number, and email address before clicking the “Submit” menu button.
Step 4 – Wait for Honda to validate the ownership information for the automobile and car stereo. Once validated, the security code will be provided to the end-user to unlock the stereo.

How to Enter a Honda Anti-Theft Radio Code?

Entering the security code for a Honda radio is slightly different than the procedures for Kenwood stereos. These steps are those to use once you have successfully retrieved the stereo’s security code from the automobile’s user’s manual or from the manufacturer’s website.
Step 1 – Turn on the Honda radio console by pressing the “Power” button. For most cars, this will require you to have the ignition switch turned to the “On” position or for the car to be started.
Step 2 – Wait until you see the word “CODE” displayed on the Honda radio’s display screen.
Step 3 – Enter the radio’s security code on the device’s number pad. If entered successfully the radio will reset itself and work normally.

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