How to Unlock Toyota Japanese NHZN W57 Navigation ERC Code – How to find the ERC Code and Enter ERC Unlock Code

unlock your Toyota Head Unit NSZT-W64

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2. At the same time Turn on and off your parking light switch 3 times ( Please notice all the buttons are illuminates)

3. Should see a menu like this

4. Click the highlighted button once

5. Then click the 3rd button – the red marked

6. Then press the bottom right button

7. Press the 2nd button

8. Thanks it you are done. 

Share me this 16 digit over whatsapp/viber ( you will receive the unlock code within 10 minutes – provided that you have made the payment )

Type the 8 digit code on the highlighted area( this will be shared by me )
– You are done with permanent unlocking !

M.Shukarno Bin Shareef 


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