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Joseph Paid for ND3T-W55 22-APR-2015 :: Thank you Sir

Joseph Caruana  Paid for ND3T-W55 22-APR-2015 :: Thank you Sir

From Malta, Mediterranean Sea
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Where is Malta

The red hue in the Maltese flag is officially documented as Spot Colour – 50% rubine red • 50% warm red.
Tradition states that the colours of the flag were given to Malta by Roger I of Sicily in 1090. Roger’s fleet landed in Malta on the completion of the Norman conquest of Sicily. It is said that local Christians offered to fight by Roger’s side against the Arab defenders. In order to recognise the locals fighting on his side from the defenders, Roger reportedly tore off part of his chequered red-and-white flag. This story has, however, been debunked as a 19th-century myth, possibly even earlier due to the Mdina, Malta’s old capital, associating its colours with Roger’s in the late Middle Ages

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