Mechanized Machine Flashing and Engine Oil Change : 10%

Finally , I got the essence of mechanized Engine Flashing and it added noticeable gain into my total Bhp.
Guys you can give a try at “Khaleque Pump near to Kollanpur Bus Stand” .

  • Garange fellows insisted me never go for mechanized flashing coz it may damage the old engine.  Result is totally inverse

Will Cost around 1700 taka and will take 30 minutes, they use an expensive fluid for the whole process.
The fluid will forecelly enter into engine several times through a cyclic process (check image) .

 And finally you will get a Gad free engine

happy driving :!!

this machine will conduct the whole process. A highly burnable fluid will be flown through out the engine through nozzle.  You can visualize the process  through this screen

My Corona’s Cockpit

Engine and Mobile Changer

Garbage of mobile, oil, petrol filter and boxes, so numbers of car enthusiastic already enjoyed the service :

Nozzles are installing for cyclic flushing

Air and flushing nozzles are pre-checked by Engineer Tazdim

Prepare to final Run!

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