NSCP W64 Radio ERC Unlock

NSCP W64 Radio ERC Unlock

Have shown you steps to reach to ERC menu / Unlock secret service menu 
Please whatsapp me the 16  digit for the code 
Whatsapp number :





Your Toyota Japan Car Radio NSCP W64 looks like this  – so its locked. Lets unlocked it in a minute 

Press and hold this button (the bottom circled button in FIGURE 2)At the same time do the following operations 3 time using Car Tail light switchTurn ON – OFFTurn ON – OFFTurn ON – OFF

The parking / tail light switch just adjacent to your steering – 

Once done – you should see the following screen – Press the BLACK Button

Now Again Press the BLACK Button

Voila! – you are on the ERC Menu Share this 16 digit secret code with me – to get the unlock code
Payment Method – Paypal – Western union
Whatsapp me 8801672761737 or 8801672761737

After entering the 8 DIGIT ERC Code you will see following screenPress the 2nd button

Have a look ERC Entering Process


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