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Toyota NSCP W64 Setting up parking lines

Toyota NSCP W64 Setting up parking lines

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First you need to enter service mode. To do this, hold and hold the one shown in fig. 1 button (a bunch of hieroglyphs) and turn on / off the dimensions 3 times.
In fig. 4 select the top item to configure the car with a steering wheel sensor (dynamic parking lines). The bottom point for cars without it – respectively, the parking lines will be static.

n fig. 2 you are looking for your car, having previously learned in the translator what its Japanese name looks like. If it is not, go back one step (Fig. 1) and select the right item.

In fig. 3 choose a complete set. In fig. 4 we begin to configure:
Put the steering wheel straight and click on the item to the left. Then turn the steering wheel to the left as much as possible and press the hieroglyphs on the right. Next, turn the steering wheel as far as possible to the right and again press the character on the right. If everything is done correctly, the radio will go to the camera position settings.

Here we set the arrows:
– the red rectangle should be a meter away from the car parallel to the back of the car
– the right and left sides of the red rectangle should be aligned with the sides of the car
For convenience, you can put boards, for example, as a continuation of the sides of the car or bluntly draw on the ground.
After you have completed the setup, press the confirm button.

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