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Japanese radio tape recorders ERC code

Japanese radio tape recorders ERC code

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If your radio requires you to enter a password after removing the terminals from the battery and you do not know the password (for example, after buying a car) or simply forgot it, then there are several methods for solving this problem. 

The first way is that you drive the car to a service where they remove the radio and then, using special equipment, find out the password set in the radio. The disadvantage of this method is the need for a personal visit to a car service.

The second method that I propose is ERC unlock. This type of unlocking was specifically introduced by the manufacturer of Japanese radio tape recorders for dealers just in case the user of the radio tape recorder forgot the password set for it. This is done by entering the service menu, selecting the ERC unlock screen and entering the unlock code. The whole procedure takes less than a minute and can be done by the user independently. After entering the unlock code, the password is reset and the next time the terminals are removed from the battery, the password will not be requested. 

List of supported radios Eclipse, Clarion:
NDDN-W57, NDDN-58, ND3T-W57, NSZT-W60, NSZT-W61G, NSZT-W62G, NSZT-Y62G, NSCP-W61, NSCP-W62, NHZN-W59G, NHZN-W60G, NHZN-W61G, NHZN- X62G, NSDD-W61, NHZD-W62G, NHDT-W57, NHDT-W58, NHDT-W59, NHDT-W60G, NHZT-W58, NSDN-W59, NSDN-W60, NSCN-W59C, NSCN-W60, NSDT-W59, NSCT-W61, NHDA-W57G, NHZA-W58G, NH3N-W57, NHZA-W61G, nsdd-W61, NSZT-W62G, NHDT-W59G, ND3T-W57, NDDN-W57, NSDN-W60, NSDN-W59, NSDN- W60, NSCP-W61, NSCT-W61, NHZT-W58, 

Clarion supported radio list: 
NXR10, NXR11, NX309, NX310, NX710, NX809 and others. 

There is no need to personally attend the service, you can independently unlock the radio, while being anywhere in the world, even where there are no unlock services. 
The minimum time for the unlock process from payment to receipt of the code.

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